A tribuna es

Berwine, she said to the most favoured a tribuna es the two attendants, our niece hath the skin and eyes of the Saxon hue; but the hue of her eye-brows and hair is from the foreigner and alien. -Thou art, nevertheless,-welcome to my house, maiden, she added, addressing Eveline, especially if thou canst bear to hear that thou art not absolutely a perfect creature, as doubtless these flatterers around thee have taught thee to believe. So saying, she at length arose, and saluted her niece with a kiss on the forehead. She released her not, however, from her grasp, but proceeded to give the attention to her garments which she had hitherto bestowed upon her features. Saint Dunstan keep us from vanity. she said; and so this is the new guise-and modest maidens wear such tunics as these, showing the shape of their persons as plain as if Saint Mary defend us. they were altogether without garments. And see, Berwine, these gauds on the neck, and that neck itself uncovered as low as the shoulder-these be the guises which strangers have a tribuna es into merry England.
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